Why Do a Colon Cleanse?

Most illness and disease stem from an unhealthy colon. When your waste products are eliminated the right way, it can remain in your system for a very long time–even years! This is basically a toxic material that is poisoning your body.

Men and women who don’t have a well-functioning colon usually have spotty skin, problems with bowel movements, mood swings, bloating, and a lot more other things that can really cause problems in their lives. This is due to the build-up of toxins in their system. It’s also very hard to lose weight because the food isn’t broken down and eliminated properly.

Colon cleansing is a very popular way to detox your body and regain health. An effective colon cleanse will provide you with clear skin, more energy, and feelings of youth. Because you feel so good you can now lose weight. You can play a round of golf. You will get rid of your headaches, tiredness, and stiffness.

The main point of doing a colon cleanse is to allow your body to have its natural 2-3 bowel movements a day, and to get rid of the built-up toxins in the colon. You should not have watery stools. Nor should you experience severe cramping or any kind of weakness.

Professional colon irrigation treatments cost about $50 per treatment. Many people prefer colon cleansing kits you can use at home. They are more convenient and cost effective than professional treatments.

Products like Bowtrol are all natural. This means they’re safe and not too harsh. Some people don’t believe all-natural products can be effective. But a recent study conducted by the United Nations University reported that 62% of all cancer drugs used today are derived from plants.

How Do The Ingredients in Bowtrol Cleanse Your Colon?

Bowtrol contains an all-natural colon cleansing formula. Let’s take a look at some of the main herbal ingredients:

One of the key ingredients in Bowtrol is cascara sagrada, a common herbal laxative that is used in many natural colon cleansing products. It is derived from bark and has a long history of traditional use by Native Americans. Cascara contains anthraquinones, which are compounds that trigger contractions in the colon.

Turkey rhubarb has been used for colon cleansing for at least 2,000 years, beginning in China, where it became popular with doctors. It is a powerful herb that cleans out old fecal matter in your colon. How old? Some people live with decaying fecal matter inside them for years. When they finally clear this toxic sludge from their system they feel much healthier.

Another very important part of any good colon cleansing is aloe vera. Since the time of the Egyptians, aloe has been recognized for its amazing health-enhancing properties. Although aloe is mostly known as something you apply to skin (after sunburns, for example), today it’s also widely used to clean out toxins and food that hasn’t been fully digested from your digestive tract.

Colon cleansing is not just about expelling toxins. It’s also about getting rid of unwanted organisms that live in your bowels. This is why Bowtrol contains wormseed. In the 1800’s, wormseed was recognized by American doctors as the most effective cure for roundworm and hookworm. Today, it’s also taken as a digestive remedy for a variety of gastrointestinal problems.

It’s important to use a natural colon cleanser that contains high quality herbs in sufficient dosages. Too many natural products are weak and diluted. Bowtrol is recognized in the field of herbal medicine for the quality and quantity of its ingredients. This is why it often gets the highest ratings of any colon cleansing product on the market today.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re thinking about doing a colon cleanse, you probably have some questions. Here are some common questions:

Q: How should I use Bowtrol?

You should start with a low dose and gradually increase it until desired colon cleansing is reached.

Q: Does colon cleansing make you lose weight?

Colon cleansing products are not specifically made for losing weight. However, colon cleansing gets rid of built-up fecal matter, and this alone results in some weight loss. A healthy colon also means that food is broken down and expelled more efficiently.

Q: Can I take it for the rest of my life?

Yes, Bowtrol is all-natural and is safe to use.

Q: Can children use it?

No, Bowtrol was designed for colon cleansing in adults. It is not recommended for anyone under 18 years old.